Our Ministries

Christy Pierce Ministries

At Christy Pierce ministries, we are a community of believers with the common vision of helping people of all generations grow in learning how to experience God’s presence more in their daily lives through the Holy Spirit.  Specifically, we teach, train and equip people how to (1) hear God’s voice in biblically balanced and practical ways (2) Pray for healing for themselves and others (3) Grow in their personal prayer lives and intercession. (4) Experience God’s presence and power so they can “shut up” the negative voices they hear in their own minds that can lead to destructive and damaging behavior.

Youth & College Students: Our Shut Up Ministries

If you’re a young person, life is harder than when your parents were young. What you’re learning in high school, is what we parents were learning in college. The pressure on you to make good grades, succeed in sports and do insane amounts of homework is too much! I don’t have to tell you that young people your age are suffering. Most likely, either you are struggling or know a friend who is in pain. You know that teenage suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among teens age 10-24. You’re aware that many youth are struggling with eating disorders, drinking, drugs, feeling bullied, depressed, anxious and even suicidal. In the Bible, Jesus says that enemy’s mission is to “steal and kill and destroy,” (John 10:10) and that “satan is a liar and the father of lies.” (John 8:44). Some of the lies the enemy whispers say, “you are ugly, you are unloved, you are stupid.” Other lies are more extreme such as: “harm yourself, cut yourself, or even kill yourself.” No one understands all this pressure and pain more than Jesus. In this session, Christy will help you know what messages you’re hearing are from God, what’s negative messages tearing you down and what’s from the enemy. God wants to give you spiritual power to tell the enemy to “shut up!” After the session, safe people will be there to confidentially pray for you or your friends who want more to experience more of God’s power and love. Check out some of our clips from this talk.

Say Shut Up Book

  • Shut Up (for Jr. High students: HIM 2014)
  • Shut Up (Going Deeper: HIM 2015)
  • Shut Up (Going Deeper: HIM 2016)

Healing and Prayer Ministry

Christy Pierce is a frequent speaker at the Hawaiian Islands Ministries Conferences in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Christy brings teams of prayer ministers to these conferences and combines her speaking with one-on-one prayer ministry for the attendees.  Speaking on a variety of topics such as prayer, hearing God’s voice, overcoming depression and anxiety, parenting, and various topics for the youth (shut up the negative voices, how to hear God without being weird, overcoming depression, etc)  It’s an honor and privilege to speak at this conference each year that Christy and her team consider a high-light of their ministry year.

Whispers Of God Ministry

Christy is often invited to speak at churches, conferences and retreats on how to hear God’s voice more in your personal prayer life.  Her God is Whispering to You book is often used as a practical manual in helping equip Christians in how to hear God’s voice in biblically balanced ways that transform their own personal relationship with Jesus.

During these conferences, people have extraordinary experiences of hearing God whisper to them in ways that are life changing. Christy helps others (regardless of their age or spiritual maturity) have real life encounters with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. It’s a time filled with funny stories, laughter and encouragement that the “normal person” can hear God in new ways that build their faith that God is here and speaking to me! Christy doesn’t just speak at these events, she and her team come to pray and minister. There is an opportunity for every person to receive prayer during the weekend.

Women’s Ministry

Christy Pierce, is President of New Hope Peninsula Ministries, a non-profit ministry that seeks help people grow in their experience of the presence of God and find healing and hope through a personal relationship with Jesus.  An ordained pastor with a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, Christy is an author, speaker and mom of three teenagers.   Christy and her husband, Ben, have been ministering together in the San Francisco Bay Area for 25 years.  Before her ministry career, Christy worked for Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole, in presidential campaigns and for the Departments of Labor and Transportation.  Christy’s joy is helping people experience God’s whispering voice, and she combines her speaking engagements with one-on-one prayer ministry.  Christy has published two books, God Is Whispering To You, and her newest book, shut up for teenagers and college students.  With the current mental health crisis among teens where depression, anxiety and suicide is “normal,” Christy’s passion is helping this young generation experience God’s love and empower them to shut up the negative and dark voices.

Julie Daubenspeck is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, currently working for the Domestic Violence Action Center and her private practice. Julie has authored several books including Broken Treasures and May I See The King. She is Co-Founder of Cracked Egg Ministries, a ministry for cracked and broken people, and is a member of First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu. She loves to bike and minister to wounded women.

Men’s Ministry

Ben was born in Corinth, Mississippi and became a Christian when he was 16 years old. His first career goal was to be a professional golfer. After coming to faith he developed a passion for serving God and a deep compassion for the poor and the needy.  He did his undergraduate studies at The University of the South in Tennessee.  Following college, Ben felt called to Africa as a missionary where he served as a missionary from 1984-1987 in Lubumbashi, Congo. Then he attended Fuller Theological Seminary where he met his wife, Christy.  They were married in 1992 and have three children, Corey, Annie, and Benji. He’s served as a pastor in the Bay Area since 1991 at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian San Mateo, and a church planter at New Hope Church in San Carlos before coming to Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City in 2014. Ben is an avid golfer, runner, and biker; a big fan of the Miami Dolphins, and an enthusiast of anything that flies.

Vince Daubenspeck is a successful Realtor on the Island of Oahu and author The Tackle Box (practical wisdom to help men avoid harmful mistakes in life) and several children’s books, including Kohola, King of the Whales, which won the Hawaii state award for excellence in children’s literature. He is Co-Founder of Cracked Egg Ministries and serves on the Board for Ohana Christian Church. His hobbies include spearfishing, hiking, biking, and cheerleading for his wife Julie.